Soulmates? What are they exactly?

I just want to talk a bit about soul mates and what they are in this lifetime. I think we all go through relationships and are looking for a person to be there always in our lives and after death as well.. Well look no further that person or persons are usually right under your nose.  I think we all had visions and ideas of a perfect person just the same as we really want them to be, but in reality it doesn’t work that way, at least so” they” say.

What is a soul mate? Well no one really knows exactly so we just take the dictionary form and use that since it suits best here.

“A person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner”.  But does this seem correct? I think it does and it doesn’t.

Since no one really knows exactly what a soul mate is , how bout we start off with some simple observations or questions rather.

First off lets start with the obvious who has been there all your life and will always be there for you no matter what hardship you are facing? Your parents right? Well yes they are some, but what if your parents aren’t so much there for you? Well I think they are still “soul mates” because you both are learning from the situation, whether you chose to do something else from that experience is up to you. But initially it all comes down to who we are and our own personal evolution and choices.

I think from my observations and experience in life, we have many soul fact as many as we wish or need. I’d like to bring up something funny that my twin sister still makes fun of me about.
Over the years I had a few relationships and also had said my partners were my soulmates. Since I’ve grown older I realize not all of them were soulmates, maybe a couple. Haha.

Basically I believe those that are/ have major roles in our lives have the possibility to be a soulmate because like I said, both are learning from each other and not in a short term basis or a temporary way.

These people usually are born into our lives or we are born into theirs. What I mean by this is that most of the time I have found our own siblings to be “a”soulmate. I think its interesting to note that my twin sister has been a challenge as well as a prize through out my life. Also she is in most if not 99.9% of my dreams. I truly believe she is a soulmate of mine.

But let’s get back to what they really are. At a point in my life I thought everyone that entered my life were soulmates. Obviously this isn’t reasonable or rational, but is it? I mean its safe to say everyone that entered my life worthy of any kind of value as a person always has something to show or teach me as well as I  was for them. This is the true soul mate rather than some person you meet on the street that in only in your life a mere year or two.., Don’t get me wrong these people have their place in our lives as well but not as soul mates sorry.

So, lets go back to where we started with the original question. What is a soul mate?  Well I think we all need to find that out for our selves and our own unique journeys in this lifetime. I’m just giving my personal perspective here that basically they are the people who dive into your life with you and learn as you do, almost on the same level, this is why  some people seem to be only  are apart of our lives but always come back. I think its because their mission is not finished without us. I say mission because we all are on many here but some are more easily done in groups. This brings me to my point of it all, and takes this to the next thought in mind.

I know it may not be easy to grasp an after life let alone this life. I understand how people get lost easily because there is no real proof of one or the other here.  But what one considers truth and validation  is very loosely given and received as “proof”.

I’m just gonna give ya my logic of it all and hopefully it makes sense to ya’ll. but if not its cool too.

What I have gathered over the years is that soul mates are in fact the very people who surround you the first time you got to see this life and than some. They are the people who see you as you are as they did as day 1 and can help you  on your journey,  not all of us get so lucky though because most of our soul mates struggle on their own paths. However if you were meant to help them than you were, but remember you can’t save NO ONE, this life is still your own personal journey here and  those that you love or they love you is a bonus here.

A soul mate will be with you in this life till the next, no exceptions , no questions. They are the ones you will least expect to be a soul mate.