Dreams-The language of the soul

I would suggest that wanting to learn from your dreams and makeing that clear to them is the first thing you should do to enhance dream recall. For example before going to sleep suggest to your dreams something like “dreams I am ready to listen to you” This is telling your subconscious that you are interested. Also using affirmations and other suggestions help with dream recall, by simply telling ourselves we will remember them in the morning. If we choose to be involved in our dreams they will support us in showing us exactly what is going on. Even when we aren’t paying attention we pick up things subconsciously through the day that later are shown in our dreams. Keeping a dream journal is crucial in learning your dream launguage. If you make a habbit of writing all your dreams down, your inner self will know that you are listening, thus making the symbols and themes of dreams much easier to interpret. Also I beleive that all dreams are our hearts speaking to us. Usually when we have war dreams or battle themes, it is because our head and heart are clashing, and that the heart is saying to us “pay attention”. This is why we have reoccuring dreams that end up to be nightmares; because we have not listened to our hearts and have not taken action to fix what is wrong is our lives. Though the dream launguage can be very diverse when telling us what is wrong is our lives and how to align our hearts with our heads. I have found that by looking within more often will help us to see ourselves in true form and create a closer bond between our subconscious and conscious selves. Through meditations and by silence we can focus and listen to our inner selves. If you find that you are having nightmare after nightmare, take a look at your life and ask why the dream insists on being negative. By asking ourself certain questions we can arrive with the answers we need to delete nightmares and negative dreams. For example, asking “what do I truely feel about my life” or “where in my life do I feel unbalanced” can help you come up with many solutions and perhaps deep rooted feelings you were not aware of. The overall meaning should make sense to you. It should make you feel a deep understanding of yourself, If it does not, further anlalysis needs to be given to your dream. dream guide-by Ronni 1. Have your tools ready or near by to record your