Difference between dreams and AP

First off those that said they are the same worlds are correct,in my opinion because in all actuality there is only one dimension with many many layers..these layers are what we are..multidimensional beings because our reality is based on our intent perception. I began ” leaving my body” at a very young age but through the years realized many astonishing things that are more simple than one would think. In my theory and journeys I’ve found that we are living in one big mass illusion, and time nor space does not exist, therefore we are simply multilayer beings focusing on one point in order to mold our reality now.When we dream,AP or ” leave the body” we are doing nothing more than shifting our awareness to another point..we really don’t go anywhere at all, we don’t have to because consciousness does not have any boundaries which means it is already at the point “place” we turn our perception to before we focus on it. I’m working on a book that I’m excited about , based on this subject. If anyone is interested in learning dreams and AP feel free to link me and check out my website..lots of free very good information as well as different insights:)