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Hello Everyone,
I just wanted to share a bit about myself and how Tarot and dreams have been true passions in my life and how they began to be. I have studied the subconscious mind since age seventeen when I wrote a paper on the art of dreaming. This then led me to deeper discoveries of the depths of the human awareness and reality itself. I later formed a website revolving of such studies as lucid dreaming and the out of body experience. This was not my only passion however I had been given a Tarot card deck at the age of nineteen but did not take it seriously till later down the road.

It was when I moved to a new city that Tarot began to flourish for me. In this new town I found a metaphysical shop and a Tarot reading shop. I began going to these often and buying books on tarot. I simply just started reading these books more and more, my interest grew with excitement. I decided I had enough knowledge under my belt that it was time to put the tarot cards to the test, I began reading avidly for family and friends. This really shown me if Tarot reading was for me or not, and of course it was! However, I had much to learn on this new journey and just kept at reading whenever an opportunity came to me to do so.

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