# 0 The Fool


Here we start at the very beginning of The Fools journey. We meet the wondrous innocence of the fool. Just as we are born into this world with curiosity for all things, this card is an image of taking a leap into the unknown. As the fool stands facing a new adventure he is filled with excitement and faith that he is being led in the right direction. He is ready to embark into the mysteries that life has to offer in a optimistic view.

This card offers a new beginning as well as a new way of thinking and feeling. It is important to stay detached from our past and have a open mind when life offers us a new opportunity whether we know it to be good or bad. It is the mystery and wonder that makes our lives truly a unique journey. Sometimes we must run on only faith and trust ourselves and our decisions fully as there are no mistakes in the universe as everything has an underlying purpose. Remember your free will and the value of every lesson learned from it. Sometimes ” ya just gotta jump” from the scary edge before you and land where youve never landed before.

On the negative side of The Fool we find ignorance and an eager person who may jump into troublesome situations, however sometimes we can not always know whether we are doing the right thing. That is why this card can also be a warning to keep a clear mind and not to avoid warning signs when they present themselves to us. This card can suggest ” foolishness” as well as lack of experience. Being gullable and lacking for sight can be another possibility. Throwing caution to the wind. A careless approach. Look before you leap. A childish immature person. The fool teaches us to try new things but be cautious of all possible dangers just as the fools dog barks to him to warn him of any unseen threats.( card illustration).

Key words good and bad- a new born, someone about to make a major decision in their lives, adventurers, innocents, dreamers,travelers, adolescents, gamblers,homosexuality, recklessness, infatuation is not love, obsession, children, free spirited, fear of the unknown, impulsive people, those starting anew, the journey of life, only fools rush in.

#18 The Moon

Here we have the eighteenth card/path of the Fool’s Journey.  After his seventeenth path of The Star that led him to follow his inner light that brought about his hope’s and desires in tangible ways by hanging on to what was true to himself. Now the Fool must be faced with much more in order to endure his journey onward. When I think of the moon, I think of water among many other associations. Within this card we find a deeper level of meaning as well as an outer level of truth.


In this card we will see that things do not appear as they seem around us. What appears to us in the moonlight may not appear the same in the daylight,therefore this card is a signal to look closely at what is going on around you and within yourself. Water ruling emotion, its best to trust your inner self at this time if the Moon shines upon your Tarot reading. It can also indicate confusion and lack of trust even self delusion. The fool must look reality in the face once more to find there is possible deceit and lies he must confront as the truth begins to surface and show its day face from the nights hidden faces, but it is through deception we learn to see with our inner eyes, intuition,dreams,instincts,strong emotions,psychic awareness. In the depths of the moon’s meaning we are faced also with our inner demons,the past bindings that comfort us, and our mirror image to ourselves. It is easy to hide ourselves from others as well as ourselves, the moon reminds us to be true to our instinctual nature we have developed  and look within ourselves when things are confusing in our lives. Often this card can portray knowing under the surface of what is really going on around us, however it is a choice of not bringing that knowledge to the surface.

Key words good and bad-  dream messages, psychic development, feeling, deep emotions,the womb,water,the many phases of the moon/faces of the moon, lies,deception, creativity, change,betrayal,art,The unconscious mind,mystery,fantasy,inner guidance,Imagination,mood swings,depression,bad dreams,mental disorders,artists,mother, those in tune with themselves.

Water signs-Cancer-Scorpio-Pisces