Dying during an out of body experience.

Dying in an OBE. hi everyone, I hope you all are doing well. I wanted to share something that happened to me early this morning. First off I got to sleep late in the morning around 6:30 am after my boyfriend had left for work. I turned on the light/lamp and fell asleep hearing conversations around me and I had the ac on and it woke me up and I kept hearing voices so I got up and shut the ac off because I think the fan was creating some weird sounds. I then fell back to sleep, I did not check the time but it was most likely around 6:50 because that is when I heard my boyfriend text me and he does it every single day at the same time when he gets to work to let me know he made it. So I drift back to sleep and before I knew it I was someplace else and when I say someplace else I mean that I knew my body was asleep and my inner awareness was fully there. I found myself “inner consciousness” surrounded by nothing.In fact it was darkness and all I did was feel my way through it. I began to feel myself fall and this falling feeling made me think of my physical body. I kept falling till I couldn’t feel or see anything and for some reason I thought I was dead. This is extremely hard to explain but my mind and body were not aligning. I became afraid and tried to come back to my physical body and I could not. I focused on my inner me and a mirror appeared in front of me and I could see myself clear as day and the sinking feeling/thoughts of me dying kicked in again and something/one rubbed my back as if to wake me up. So I tried to wake up but I wasn’t coming back to my physical body fast enough so I began to get afraid and during the entire thing my inner self was telling me that I was still alive In fact I kept hearing those words. I mean the depth that I got to explore today was just amazing and I finally “shook” my body awake, it didn’t work the first time, my eyes and body were very heavy but I kept trying and finally I came to. I was so relieved I was still alive but at the same time very happy my inner self was always there. This is copyrighted by Ronni’s tarot and insights.