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How high can we get in our dreams?

There I was again in the old house I grew up in. Something was different this time…

I felt oddly awake. I was in my old living room.  I noticed an old friend sitting next to me and of course my sister across the way was conversing with someone I didn’t recognize. Than it happened I was passed the “joint”. I sort of got excited as I hadn’t smoked marijuana in a long while. So I took a good long drag and I really couldn’t taste anything however I instantly felt extremely light and airy and the room looked a bit fuzzy too. I just recall thinking about the past election year and I looked at my friend and for some reason I noticed she was holding my hand. I proceeded to say ” Ya know they are going attack the pentagon.” She looked at me with a half grin and confused face and mumbled something to me. I tried to make out what she said but I just looked at her with a huge smile and said “What?” Instead of her repeating what she had said, we both just started  laughing uncontrollable and I could feel my body get lighter and lighter yet my focus seemed to be sharpening more and more in my minds eye. I obviously was feeling the effects of the marijuana big time. I must admit I felt super free and just wanted to laugh at everything, that probably wasn’t even very funny…but I  was having fun!

After all the laughter stopped something strange took place, the scene changed/shifted and I could feel my physical body in bed sleeping and I was aware that I was “inside” of my mind looking through it not with my physical eyes. I seen a sort of black fuzzy screen almost like an old television set but not quite as staticky.  I than was back in my old living room and knew that my body was asleep so I yelled aloud “I WANT TO FLY!” I than jumped up only to come right back to the floor. I than sat down closed my “eyes” and focused harder on the thought of flying. Instead of flying I began to fall intensely almost as if I was being pulled through something very fast. I let this happen for about a half a second and than I emerged by gaining complete control and shooting myself up through the ceiling past the trees. I was moving so fast I had to close my “eyes”. I was still moving and thought of outer space and I began to slow down, so I decided to take a peek of what was around me.

You can read what I seen in my next blog post.


Haha,  just kidding!

This is where things got weird for me in every way! So I opened my eyes and all I could see was dark at first but than I started to see large planets/stars the color of electric blue getting closer to me. I thought holy heavens this is beyond beautiful! I was a bit afraid at this point as I no longer feel the chains of gravity nor the weight of my physical body holding me back, it all becomes so real almost too real for me that I usually end up calling it a fun trip and waking up in my bed. But no not this time, I decided to try something.

I closed my eyes and thought to myself ” I want to be a star”. At that moment I peeked open my eyes and seen a massive glowing blue light form around me it kept getting bigger and bigger until I started to feel a sensation I have yet to feel ever on my journeys. This is hard to explain so bare with me here.

Basically as the light grew I could feel myself growing outwards, stretching, expanding like a dry sponge in water. My very mass was separating  and growing. I had to close my eyes again and when I did I just felt tingles all throughout me, like when your arms asleep and comes back to feeling except it was exhilarated ten folds. I thought is this really happening? Am I becoming a star? At that point I had to retreat. I couldn’t take all the energy and extreme intensity.

I was back in my sleeping body but not awake yet so I had to “shake” my body awake as I often do when these experiences happen. When I woke I could still feel the tingles through me. I had to get up, that was enough nap time for me.I really hope smoking dope isn’t illegal in dreams. Obviously we can get pretty “high” in our dreams from drugs.

Notes- I often wonder if taking drugs in our dreaming states can alter our lucidity and bring us to a higher awareness. I think in this case it did its deed and helped open up the mind and bid it from its subconscious bars. I also think that the flying technique is for sure a way to enhance our awareness in our dreaming states.I’m starting to think that anything that triggers your waking conscious and alerts it that you are in fact dreaming is a great way to launch a lucid dream and even an OBE.

Let me know what you think in the comments and also feel free to ask any questions. I have been doing this for years, some things just come naturally for me. Thanks for reading and happy travels!



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