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Available Readings by Ronni

List of available readings and prices Note- prices may vary depending on a specialty reading discussed with me and agreed on prior to making a purchase. Once you have picked a reading you would like to have, Feel free to shoot me an email @http://Lilacsky22@yahoo.com and write in the subject line Reading. However you may just pay for the reading and I will send you a message of when to expect the results. I usually try to supply readings within one or two days of purchase. In which case you would simple go to http://paypal.me/ronnistarot and enter the amount.

  1. Simple reading- One question reading 15$ USD This reading includes either a one question in depth reading using any tool of your choice. Tarot/numerology or rune crystals /rune casting. Or a general reading without using a question and any tool of your choice.
  2. Numerology birth and year chart reading 25$ USD This reading is a much more in depth reading as I will cover your birth number and the year of question which is usually the year occurring. I will go over your life lessons as well as the year in question lesson and what to expect from both. However if you wish to ask about another’s birthdate instead of one of your own I will be happy to do that as well. Just make sure you email me any birthdates I may need for this reading.
  3. Yearly Tarot reading-25$ USD This reading includes a full tarot card reading for the year of question. I will be using ten cards and will walk you through each one and explain how they fit into your year or the next year coming depending on when the reading is requested.
  4. Couple’s reading-50$ USD This is also a full Tarot reading with both partners for the year, however if you would prefer numerology instead I can offer that as well at the same price. I will cover where you both are now as a couple and what to expect in the next 6 to 12 months.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding any type of reading. I also try to be flexible with prices and will work with you on any readings. The above listings are an example of prices I am more than willing to negotiate and offer any reading you would like to have. I enjoy helping others and perhaps I can help you as well.  I plan on adding a few new things soon with dream interpretations and OBE help as well. Also house cleansings of all types, well maybe not the physical cleaning type! haha! Just remember nothing is as bad as it seems.