#6 The Lovers- Choose relationships wisely

wpid-img_20150825_142919.jpgI have been working with the above deck (Mythic Tarot) for several years, I just can not give it up, its tethered( as you can see in the above image) and worn all way around but it has been the most effective deck for myself. It also depicts the best example of what the lovers card actually represents opposed to many tarot  decks out there.

After meeting his spiritual self in the #5 Major arcana  card, The fool is now ready to meet himself in others and build relationships of all kinds.

The interesting thing about this card is it claims to be about ” the lovers” but oddly enough it has everything to do with our relationship with ourselves first. This card becomes the fools first lesson in choosing his partnerships. This card is crucially important as it has more to teach than choosing the best lover, It reflects our values and mirrors the type of person we wish to become, therefore we must choose wisely in all our relationships because it is a reflection of who we are as well,  and that is the overall lesson we will find within this card. In the above image we see a man holding an apple in front of three very tempting woman. Here we meet the Trojan prince Paris who was commanded by Zeuz to hold a beauty contest between three goddesses Hera, Aphrodite and Athene. Paris first refused such a request knowing that he would have to let down those who were not chosen. Paris than offered to offer the apple in threes, for he could not choose from such great goddesses. Hermes was sent by the king of Gods to explain that this was not acceptable either. He had to choose. The three goddesses than paraded in front of this dashing young prince. Hera offered ruler ship of the world, Athene offered to make Paris the mightiest of warriors, and Aphrodite simply opened her robes and offered her cup of love.

Paris being so young and unaware of his inner values choose Aphrodite without any hesitations. His reward was Helen Queen of Sparta, Hera and Athene smiled and promised his choice would not be held against him, they walked off plotting the downfall of Troy. This was the spark that ignited the Trojan War because of Paris’s anger with his choice and ended with the entire royal city being burned down to the ground. Paris, because of his sexual needs that drives him he can not make a mature decision in his relationships and therefore his choice is made by desires instead and had to pay for that decision by seeing his city burned to nothing.


The lovers is just as important as the rest of the major arcana lessons because as we grow it is necessary to make the wrong choices in order to realize what we truly want and need in our partnerships. The more we self reflect the better the chances are of finding that which resides within us through others.

When this card shows itself in readings it suggests a choice of some kind whether it be between two lovers or even a lover and your family or a friend. Even a creative endeavor you wish to pursue other than your business routines. It is through this card that The fool will meet his own responsibility from his choices just as we all do in life. Through learning who is right or wrong for us is a process we all go through, let’s just hope we learn from this process instead of repeating this lesson, which can be very hurtful and trying at times. Remember, sometimes it takes time to meet the one’s who are “right” for us because it all goes back to how we view ourselves and that reflection will always bounce back to us.

#6 The lovers - The Fantastical Creature Tarot

#6 The lovers – The Fantastical Creature Tarot

With this card, it is also about keeping our relationships balanced and wanting to grow with another in a mutual way.:) It is two people choosing to be together and are ready to fight for their love for one another. It is about the journey we share with someone that makes up this card as well because we are constantly learning about ourselves and changing, as long as both partners can grow together it becomes more than just a relationship, it is a true bond of acceptance, work, understanding, trust and love. The key is be true to each other and respect one another, and  never give up.:) Because the only way of knowing is trying. Always remember why you fell in love in the first place.

I would like to share a video, hope you all don’t mind its just a pretty song I think relates well with this card and is extremely positive.

Key words positive and negative- unions, defining your relationships, A major decision, Choice in affairs, learning to love yourself through your reflection of others, attraction, temptation, being put to the test, a mutual choice, reflection on important relationships, healing, sharing, TRUST, choosing one of two divergent paths, thoughts of love and marriage, the power of love, failing a test, the ending of love, not being able to commit, True love where it develops over time, Being true to oneself, a troubled relationship, divorce, the beginning of something that will last through hard work together, working through problems with one another, fickleness, infidelity, hurt feelings, feeling cut off from another, ” you don’t care for me anymore”, love em and leave em, irresponsibility, not trusting yourself or the situation, isolation, illness, sex without love, until death do us part, love is blind.

key words people positive and negative- Lovers, couples, business partners, twins, someone who can’t decide through a dilemma, healers, good friends, Romeo & Juliet, Those that put their trust in themselves and reap the rewards from others, those that fear commitment, those faced with a delicate yet impossible choice, seeking expert advice, those that fear living alone, those involved in unhealthy relationships, separated persons, those that choose wisely in all relationships, sexual deviants, opponents, those that challenge us in matters of the heart, those that wear their hearts on their sleeves,” I am unable to give you all my love”, ” I do not know what love is”, ” my heart has been broken why should I give you mine completely”? those that know the love inside of them and continue to give it freely, those that love themselves and know their own worth, Don Juan.

#5 The Hierophant- A spiritual Lesson

pope-600Here we meet The Hierophant.(The High priest in male form) The fifth lesson of the fool’s journey. A lesson that is one of the hardest for all of us to learn. After he met his father and learned how to encompass himself through the world on his own, he is now ready to meet a teacher that will always find him again and again, a  teacher of life. He is the savior in all of us. He is the one we continue to meet in our lives in order to show us our truest lives and lessons. He also stands for the number five archetype and show’s that we must realize our own tasks here and the lessons we will face as well, no matter how hard they will be to take in. This card is not easy to write about or relate with because it holds a few things that life as we recognize it can not easily be reckoned with.

The fool is finding that life may be a bit trickier than he thought, once he met his father he sought after his goals with his head held high. But  now he has to realize an entire new platform of his being, that there is something else to consider here.

Its time to realize he is a part of something greater than himself.  When we make mistakes in life, we often either reflect on them or look for a higher counsel to guide us. TheHierophant is just that. When the fool meet’s his mistakes and can not decipher or make sense of his lessons on his own, he will then go out and find one that can. This is where The Fool looks for higher meaning and reason through the church and community, he will seek a higher purpose.The hierophant may indicate a spiritual search for meaning through conventional rituals or professional advice. Sometimes we may veer away from our true purpose and need help getting back on track. This card often also indicates when we are repeating lessons over and over again in life because we are either choose not to learn from them or simply  can’t figure out why we continue to go through things time and time again. It took some time for me to really land this card in my readings because all the Major Arcana cards offer lessons and archetypes. What I have found is that we are all here for a purpose and lesson, however they go hand in hand because life is always creating new lessons for us to learn but our purpose can be overcoming those lessons and teaching them to others.

The Heirophant

In many ways he represents our relationship with God. How we view God, how we relate to God and how our lives are effected by this relationship.”when we trust in ourselves we trust in God”  It is crucial to note that if our belief in God suspends due to disbelief, we than find ourselves either lost or testing ourselves in order to learn more of a higher power. We all may find that the church is not the answers for us, but looking within will. This is my experience with morals and ethics because sometimes the walls around you aren’t built to show you a wall of security but rather a wall of endurance.The most important thing to remember here is a divine law that hold’s over all physical truths because no matter what our choices are, we must face why those choices came to be in the first place. Whether from within ourselves  or from an exterior wall.

This is why religion is nor good or bad because it brings in the balance to those that can not find it elsewhere. The Fool is ready to embark on this new journey, a lesson that will always be waiting for his decision to either follow what has been written or to find it within himself, either way he will find a reason to every season and his own mistakes and triumphs. Because he will find that once he goes out into the world to test his belief system, He will find himself and his higher calling.

wpid-wp-1439047111026.jpegSometimes this card will show a teacher coming in or being in ones life.

Key words – Spiritual growth, Divine Law, Spiritual authority, Orthodoxy, moral development, Convention, Religious ceremonies, A mighty fortes is our God, Teaching, Learning, ” The mistakes I have made will not carry on into tomorrow” , Searching for a higher purpose in life, “Let go let God”, A preference for tradition, Celibacy, being true to ones self before answers are found, Seeking Knowledge greater than your own, “There must be something more!” ,  Spiritual advise, Conforming in order to find a better grip on one’s beliefs, Schools, places of worship, “If I do not know my self, I must seek my meaning elsewhere.” , Conventional Wisdom, A bridge, One who can bring spiritual wisdom to the physical.

People – Teachers, The Pope,Justice of the peace, Gurus, Mentors Spiritual Leaders or counselors, A person who passes on their knowledge and understanding to a new generation, Firgureheads, Advisors, A person that knows the pain of others.

Eight of Wands


8 of Wands is the card of the day as I’ve been drawing it for weeks now.Things are moving very fast now,Full steam ahead! Sudden changes, love affair, new job, new home. A productive busy time. Energy to achieve goals, fast results, sudden travel, new ideas ready to launch, Those on the go, good news is coming. Use your energy wisely because this is a period to finish what you started and beginning new projects, All systems are a go so make the most of this exciting raw energy that gives you focus,determination and willpower. Successful completions, Be ready to move quickly as new opportunities arise. Sometimes I see this card as simultaneously letting go of the old and moving onto the new at the same time as change happens rapidly to us and we don’t have time to ponder on them just have to go with the flow of life;)
Ronni’s Tarot & Insights’s photo.
Ronni’s Tarot & Insights’s photo.