Zodiac signs at band practice

Aries- ” Listen up, since the band will amount to nothing without me I call all the shots!”

Taurus- “Well since I have a wonderful voice I should be the lead singer or at the very least a back up singer.”

Gemini- ” I guarantee my mixed up tape is going to sound better!”

Cancer-  “I’m not playing any instruments if Aries is gonna be so mean…”

Leo- “I am the best looking out of all of you, therefore I should be the front man at all times.”

Virgo-” Since I’m the most organized I should be the band manager.”

Libra- ” Guy’s we are getting nowhere, how bout I sing and Aries writes all the songs.”

Scorpio- “Can’t we just make a porno instead or I know lets pretend we are a band and than have an orgy onstage.”

Sagitarious- “I vouch for a porno!”

Capricorn- “No, no, no, you guys suck too bad at both, I vouch for us to get real jobs.”

Aquarius- “Can I be the guy who plays a washboard, or better yet a kazoo!!!”

Pisces- “I think you all will do just fine without me, unless you make it huge count me in!”