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Who is foolin who?


When I see this picture I react in either hate or acceptance, however I’d like to explain a few observations and ask a few questions I also get from it.  I’ve seen to a few degrees that  this statement is very true, however it is for those usually dependent on someone/thing else usually ex drug addicts. no offence to them by the way,  and I’ve seen the same reliance upon religion, Its something some people need because they have been through so much turmoil, it is the very last hope in order to care about themselves. I really think that religion is hit or miss, it can help or hurt..its ultimately up to the person and how they incorporate it in relation to themselves. Hate to say it but people need something more than themselves and I think it is a very delicate subject because we all feel helpless sometimes but  interestingly it shows just how messed up we all are or should I say rather how much bullshit we all encounter in our lives. I think a lot of people also need to feel a part of a group, who wants to feel alone all the time? This statement says a realization that no one is right or wrong because once again I’m going to call something out on theists and atheists. They are one in the same, they both choose to either beleive or disbeleive for usually the same reasons, turmoil, tragedy or a life full of hardship. I obviously can’t speak for everyone however I have met too many people that define the above. Also another point I must point out is they both don’t have to take responsibility for their actions one can simply say ” god made this happen for a reason”, while the other says” oh well I have no one to answer to except myself”.  Both are not taking accountability for the other half of moral here.. I think this is the ultimate underlying disagreement between the two  but ironicly they are based around the same core and end up to be very relative. So before you judge the other,  question whether or not the basis is the same. This is only my opinion on the war of atheism vs theism. I myself  can relate with both.


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