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Why do we live in a world of hate?

1424036032520I think this is a very good question for today and yesterday as well as tomorrow. But I think the answer is nor hear nor there because it is something we have included in our own evolutionary tactics. It’s like the light  without the darkness, we will always stumble on such ways to remove this impossible pose from the intense spectrum of life but will never be able to because it is after all a part of the whole spectrum.

The reason I am writing about this is because I came across this question in one of my google + groups I found interesting and I think it’s a unique question to ask everyone as well. I would like to conclude my responses from the group below,

“I read a book years ago, the author basically described that technology would collapse the human race and upon us as well, eventually we will not be able to keep up and will be forced to revert back, unpiecing the very machine we created in order to get to the core again. It’s a very interesting ritual humans have always done over time. I think it’s a necessary process because without developing this we would have nothing to evolve to”.

“I think its a very accepting or a non accepting time but it has always been this way. On a personal number I hate to say this but its true that you have to cut ties with those that are blindly driven by toxicity and do more harm than good here, even if its a close family member. Its really hard but gotta do it sometimes, very sad too.. I know from experience. I just wish it didn’t have to be that way, its very heartbreaking to have to do.But it always goes back to my lil saying ” life is the journey to oneself”.
Its hard to trust these days and I don’t have any children but I feel for all that do. I can’t imagine trying to raise someone today or even in the 40’s really. Things are the same but with a complicated twist. Technology just makes it easier for us to express ourselves whether good or bad…so it seems there is more hate today but realistically it’s just a matter of being able to express through multiple outlets creating a seemingly more hate revenue”.

Any opinions comments please feel free to leave them as well as share and get others insights into this subject, Thanks.


2 thoughts on “Why do we live in a world of hate?

  1. Interesting post Ronnie.
    I wonder if technology/social media etc makes people feel less responsibility towards others when it comes to speaking hatefully? What I mean is I wonder if people feel they can get away with saying what they truly feel because the systems of communication mean they are not in front of the person/target of hate and therefore they don’t have to ‘care’ so much about what they are saying and the effect it has.
    I also, sadly, believe that human beings haven’t really changed since the dawn of time (!!) in that they are basically afraid of anything ‘different’ to them, of the unknown and the media in all it’s forms (press, social media etc) simply reinforce those fears time and time again. People feel, therefore, justified in pushing out their hatred.
    But often it’s their own simple fear behind it all and they don’t see that.
    Me? I’ve had enough hate poured out against me since I was small that I’ve gone the other way and try to accept everyone for who/what they are and never assume anything about anyone and try to love in the best way I can.
    We are really all the same IMO.
    I hope that technology leads to greater understanding and co-operation in the future, however I’m inclined to agree that technology gets appropriated and used for all the wrong reasons (witness the splitting of the atom) and so we may well have to push back in the future and ‘regress’ a bit in order to remember what we really are at heart and touch base with our humanity once again. Sadly there will be a lot of pain along the way.
    I remain hopeful that common humanity and goodness will always win through and haters will simply end up hating themselves.

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  2. I agree James very much, and what you said above goes with my own thoughts on this. I think it is true that some may find the easy outlets easier than facing their own selves face to face they’d rather face a virtual person that means nothing to them…pretty sad, however this can be a positive for some by learning the ways of mainstream and how the potential works, it can offer a chance to help and rise past them and give even those that have nothing to look forward to, to look at things more as a ‘part of the whole’. I think its interesting that people still try to fit in somehow and somewhere, however I remember being there without technology but the cool thing is that I realized at young age that I didn’t anyone to get this or feel that…and this is the initial issue I think because so many people are lost and unsure of themselves they are always seeking approval from others when really it is their own that ONLY matters. I think it is a very personal subject and a delicate topic here as well because when it all boils down to it these people who hate have reasons for being so and maybe you and I will never understand where they are coming from but, I would like to try and they have to remember that there is help around them and people who can relate..it is up to them to stop hating themselves and truly understand that everyone hurts and goes through the darkest hours of life. I am at a standstill with the human race seeing their flaws and seeing from technology as a form of ‘hold back”. I just hope your correct James and technology will do more good than worse, but I feel it is a compilation of things and the odds may just bite the truth in the ass and push it away as well…this is why you can’t save anyone but yourself…the more I want to really help others I get bit over and over again lol however the funny thing is theres another hand saying your doing good and people are there for me more than I ever expected, it really is a dynamic of what to follow…but I am going to do my work and have faith in people because I know when I was lost I was mad as hell and HATED everyone and I was lucky to meet a few people that brought myself back to my true self..but it really took myself to see my old self and my past to realize this. I would like to think there is more helping loving people here than those of hate.


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