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Saluting Chef Robert Irvine!

Robert Irvine receiving his Medal of Honor award!

Congrats!!! ‪#‎ChefRobertIrvine‬! – I just want to congratulate this awesome man for his more than well deserved efforts in taking care of our veterans and their families and also for the time he served as well, alongside with actor ‪#‎GarySinise‬. Not to mention the many other selfless acts these two men have attributed to countless people. People we walk with everyday of our lives. Chef Irvine does not need to be an iron chef, he is more than that. His heart is pure gold. It’s these self giving creative big hearted people keeping us afloat in the worst of times here and reminds us we are together here making our own paths that prove we are not of separate. Because soon enough we will not be here, none of us that are living right now anyways, and we will become the history to our future that looks back to US, so we ALL count here now. There is not one single person here who does not matter…we all have a role and I think each of us are paving our future generations. So if you think you have no real purpose here think again. We all are simply setting up stage for our future evolution of ourselves. Once we all realize this , WE ALL can surmount and bring our future to a better place, ya see we have more power than ya think..when we join together , pretty sure it can and will scare and overthrow our own government. And by the way the ones who fight for us are fighting FOR US, not necessarily our government. What pushes someone to fight in the first place?? Love and the ones we want to protect. Correct? I think we all need to look more into what’s really going on here( within all of us as a whole). Separation and segregation are creating rifts and waves we do not need now, or ever unless you expect history to repeat,…in that case what’s the point in it all?? Its kind of like the law, we will always bend for it even though we don’t realize our own rights… I’m sorry for this rant but its true and the more we realize it now and come together , not against, we can change and develop the tomorrow we would All be proud to have created and passed down to our very own history. Think about it, What kind of future do you wish upon our children, their children and on and on? Remember, we all have a influence here and you do not need to be famous in order to do so. Special thanks to Robert Irvine for taking your heart,time and helping those in need when you clearly could be boxing instead!:) God Bless and Thank you for keeping this nation and others you extend yourself to alive inside.

Ronni Windorst


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