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Exiting through a lucid dream

Lately I have been really experiencing the in between states of awake and asleep(hypnagogic state) also known as sleep paralysis  and turning them into out of body experiences. Today I had a very odd experience where I ended up exiting through a lucid dream.( leaving my body) I just remember dying in the dream and I couldn’t believe it, and this is a common thing with me because in a way its a test to see if I am dreaming or awake. The odd thing was that it was really convincing , however when I feel death in dreams I automatically go back to my body to try to “shake” it awake..This is where my awareness almost always shifts every time, however I couldn’t do this for some reason and just let the dreamscape play out. My twin sister was there of course as she is in most if not all my dreams of all kinds, she confirmed that I did in fact die, but somehow I just could not get back to my consciousness to shift it over and wake my body up, I decided to just accept the death and I walked through these doors to find a IMACULATE BEAUTFUL LANDSCAPE I could not believe the beauty I was seeing, the sky was lit up with all types of colors, mostly purple’s that seemed to touch the water that surround it in a way that it was very ALIVE. As I drooled over this amazing scene, I remembered I was so called “dead” and my body in this state felt very strange..and again I could not get back to my physical conscious mind. I wasn’t afraid for some reason, and started to walk down a sidewalk to see what was out there. A man in his late 40’s sat in a old yellow and white striped lounge chair(similar to one I own) As I approached him, he seemed as if he was waiting for me. At this point my awareness was extremely sharp. I was looking at the horizon and I said to him ” This is just gorgeous”! The man than said to me as he stood up to greet me “This is only the beginning of the beauty you will find here”. I looked at him and could see all his features perfectly, he was about as tall as myself 5.6 and had light short curly hair with grey eye’s peering at me through tiny circle glasses. I felt as if I met this man before. I than asked him ” Do I know you”? he seemed surprised and said ” No I don’t think so , I don’t meet many humans here”. This is where I became puzzled and looked really closely at him and thought to myself “what the hell, isn’t he a human”? He seemed to read my thoughts and just smiled and picked up his lounge chair and extended his hand to me to shake mine and as I shook his hand, I said to him ” I know I know you, and I feel we will meet again.” At that moment I couldn’t help but want to fly, so I started to rise into the sky’s beauty only to find myself waking up in my physical bed.

Personal notes-  First off I do not recall the beginning of this experience. I remember I was in some church like building and a few people were there, the one that always stands out for me is my twin sister. I am also unaware of how exactly I died. I just know that since I could not get to my sleeping body I assumed I was indeed dead. My twin sister said I was as well. I think my consciousness was a bit confused and but in these states for some reason I always seem to “know” what is really going on, this enabled me to let the dreamscape play out and let me discover a very unique experience. Once I accepted my death I walked out the front doors in order to see what was out there. As soon as I walked through them my awareness was all on that moment and I could feel my physical body in a slight sense but mostly I felt a sort of half and half, Half my body and the other half where I was. This is where I truly accepted the experience and opened my awareness even more. I still don’t know who this man was I had encountered, however I did feel he was strikingly familiar and I hope I can see him again.


4 thoughts on “Exiting through a lucid dream

  1. That is a truly amazing account. So vivid and such detail. I wonder who this gentleman is? Do you might think it some form of introduction, even though you say you felt you know him? Maybe you have always known him but this was your first face to face encounter? I have never died in a lucid dream before so that must have been very odd. I love that feeling when you get the urge to fly and soar. It is something I do a lot at night. Must write about my OBE s .

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  2. Hi Vivien, thanks for your reply. 🙂
    I am unsure of who this man was, he seemed strikingly familiar to me and you could be correct that perhaps it was our first physical meeting. I have some side notes I will be adding to the experience because there are some things I forgot to entail. Oops! Haha.
    Dying in these states for me usually is not like the above, where I can’t wake up. It was pretty scary at first because it was so convincing that I just couldn’t shift my awareness back to my sleeping body and usually I can. So I assumed I had died. It was when I walked through those doors my awareness was in full, I just knew I’d be okay. And yes flying is most of the time the thing I do most, such a tremendous feeling!!! I’d love to read of your Obe’s, 🙂 I’m thinking of making a guest blog post where folk’s can share their experiences. So if you have any let me know;)


  3. Hey! your post is in such detail, i love it! I personally think this person you met is in some sort, a spirit guide to you. And that you’ve managed to go from a lucid dream to astral projection of some sort. Incredible things the mind can do. Cool read! 🙂

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