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The mystery of the green bird

Emmy Lou

Emmy Lou

Dreaming has always been a great part in my life. My dreams seemed to outline my waking reality with accuracy and consistency. My subconscious used symbolism and common themes that helped me build a connection through my dreams with my everyday life events. However, it wasn’t until I moved into a house in one of the oldest cities in Michigan, where my dreams became more than just a reoccurring theme such as I’m in a car but Im not driving it, instead I’m in the backseat panicking with fear because no one was driving the car. This theme still latches on to my dreaming mind to this day representing how much or little control over my life I have at the time the dream surfaces.
I had been dating my husband for a few months when he had asked me to move in with him. I accepted the offer and moved in shortly after. The house sat directly off a four way corner where three steps from our front door met the street. The house seemed normal yet old. It only took a short time to realize this house had more to it than what meets the eye.
I woke up one morning with the sun’s rays casting on me through the bedroom blinds. I had just had a very intense experience and wondered what just happened to me and what it meant. I found myself in dark narrow hallway with very little light. I was aware it was part of the house I was living in but it felt more as a old castle. As I traveled down the dark corridor I noticed many closed wooden doors along both sides. I decided to open one of them, with a bit of fear I stepped through. I was utterly shocked! To my astonisment I was surrounded by the brightest electric water that engulfed the entire landscape, with a matching brightly lit blue sky. I could only see pure bright blue all around me. At that moment I had a realization that I was indeed dreaming. I stood there for a few moments taking in this amazing beauty with it came a feeling of peace and power. I than felt a presence that I was not alone. Amazed by this wonderful feeling of two small weights on my shoulder’s. I looked to see a bright blue and while bird of some kind on my right shoulder and a bright green bigger bird on my left. I simply stroked both of them down their small backs. I was overwhelmed with joy and peace at that moment for I felt a true spiritual bliss with these two animals. I than awoke with the sun’s gaze gleaming over my face and a feeling that something good was about to happen to me.
A few weeks went by and I had yet to tell anyone of my dreaming experience. One day I was at work on my lunch break and decided to call my husband. He told me he had a surprise for me and I will have to wait until I get home to see what it could be. I had an image of a green bird flash infront of my mind’s eye when he said these words to me. However, I didn’t think it could be a bird by any means because we had just given my mom a parakeet ironically the same one that was in my dream. It was late when I arrived home with excitement that seemed to make my day at work drag on forever. I walked in to see my husband’s smiling face all lit up eager to show me his surprise. He led me downstairs to our mid floor, when I reached the last step there it was propped up on a table.
“oh my goodness”! I exclaimed to him while looking at a big green bird in large rustic gold cage. I didn’t know what to say, I was in complete shock that he’d buy another bird after we agreed on getting rid of the last one due to both of us being at work a lot.
“Do you like it”? my husband asked as I was still trying to take it all in. “I got a great deal on her”, she’s a conjure, isn’t she gorgeous”?
I moved closer to the cage to get a better look at her, she was very beautiful with her complete body being hunter green with her belly being a bright light green. I looked at her in her eye’s and she opened her beak a bit and tilted her head up to me as she spoke in her bird language. I began to laugh. I knew at that moment she was the bird that appeared on my shoulder in that magical dream.
“Yes I love her”! , ” I just can not beleive you bought another bird”! I said to my husband as we both were watching her with amazement. ” I think I will name her Emmy Lou  short for Emerald”. My husband smiled and gave me a hug and said “I’m happy you like your surprise”!
To this day I still have no clue what possessed my husband to buy Emmy, she was a surprise I will never forget. I had asked my husband what made him purchase her as a gift for me, he replied he was at the pet store buying fish and had seen Emmy and acted on impulse and bought her. This is something my husband would never normally do. Perhaps something more struck inside my husband that over ran his logic. Perhaps she was a animal guardian that was meant to find me. After Emmy came into our lives my psychic ability grew more and more everyday. I could sense things coming both good and bad and a day later these gut feeling events would hold place. As time went on more strange things occurred while living in that house that seemed to impact my dreams and my waking life. I am very grateful to have experienced such things as they opened up my dreaming awareness even more and enabled me to grow into a stronger peaceful person. After I had moved four years later, I decided to teach about dreams and the great mystery of them. I am convinced dreams help usin many ways, with warnings to go ahead proceed signs that aide us in our decisions. Just remember dreams can come true.

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