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The Magical Perfume – A dreaming lesson

Have you ever woken from a dream where you did not want to wake up from such a blissful experience and thought “My Gosh that was amazing”!  “I want to go back to sleep to enjoy this experience again”.  Or have you ever found yourself faced with some of the darkest most morbid dreams you just want it to end and wake up?

I awoke from a sweet and very decadent scent still empowering me. I have been waking up at approximately 6:30 am for a while now, with no reason really which is very odd for me. This morning came with a pass ” Okay I accept why I am up this damn early”! Than I began going over what just had happened to me.

I found myself surrounded by a beautiful victorian home. A woman sat behind a desk and asked me my name, She than said “oh everyone is waiting for you in the grand room straight to the back.”  Apparently I was there for some type of group meeting and had to make my way through this very surreal setting to the grand room, where everyone was meeting. I don’t know how I knew where to go, I just knew my purpose.

I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing. I have never seen such in rich in depth beauty with every detail smacking me in the face. I was in utter amazement. After realizing I was in a mansion far different than anything I could have imagined, I began heading to the grand room. As I was making my way through this massive piece of art,  I was slower than a turtle admiring each and every delicacy that loured to my eye.I no longer cared why I was there well I didn’t really know quite why I was there in the first place.

As I turtled my way through rather small rooms, yet filled with immense beauty, I found myself stopping in each room and just taking in such extravagancy,. Each room was filled with at least one fireplace that seemed to be handcrafted by a Victorian artisan. and I was surrounded by white walls and furniture that just seemed to hold so much depth with fabrics  of reds and yellows.


Everything  seemed to touch my eyes, and drip into all my senses. But it wasn’t until one room that it all changed.

I was walking my way to the grand room, I entered into the next room ready to admire and keep walking, when a very profound scent hit me. As soon as I entered this room I was struck by a very forceful fragrance. I said to myself ” oh my”, where did this scent come from”? The scent was never anything I have ever dreamed of smelling! Haha I was in a dream but usually my dreams of scent are not this pungent. It was a very layered scent, sweet yet with dark tones, I never smelled such a fragrant fragrance ever. Sure I have smelled incense before in my dreams but this was something very new.  It completely engulfed me! I searched around the room to find no one who might be wearing such a decadent fragrance. I than noticed once single perfume bottle perched up on a fireplace mantel with mirrors eluminating it from behind. I said to myself “hmm, I wonder”. I picked up the crystalized bottle with a very simple square cap and instead of finding a hiding place on my body for this magical aroma, I looked around me to see again that no one was near. I than proceeded to spray( just a tiny bit ) all over myself. I still could not believe the intensity of this scent! I decided to douse myself in a few more tiny sprays all over myself. I than placed the bottle back on its throne, which was not very easy to do but I felt oddly alive.

I was in just utter love, this perfume somehow made my focus much more aware and alert. It was as if feeling the layers of myself through this one fragrance. I realized I still had to go the grand room and again headed there smelling wonderfully, I couldn’t wait to meet and greet!

As I moved through the intricately laid out rooms I was in overly Awe!  I felt as if I was floating but I checked  by looking at my feet and I wasn’t. When I finally stepped into the grand room, it was very grand indeed! It was full of luxury lavished fabrics and ceilings as high as mountain peaks. The floors seemed to be made of pure shine instead of dark oak. As I looked around the room, I saw no one I knew, it was filled with all types of woman chattering, chattering so much they did not even notice that I was present. I let their pretentious voices drift away from my ears and decided to just find a comfortable seat to sit in, after all there were so many to choose from. I made my way through the chatter without hearing a sound and went directly to a bar that was handing out wine as if they had a thousand vineyards from Italy.I took a seat and was instantly handed a glass of wine and I tried to remain as unnoticeable as my scent would probably not allow me.

Moments later a woman walked up to me and looked at me with a very confused but half decided expression that I did not care for. I noticed other woman gathering around us and taking seats as if they were ready to watch a punching match out on the street. I remained calm and continued to try to dilute myself and the perfume with the fine wine. I still had no idea why I was here and frankly I couldn’t care less after experiencing such magic.

“Excuse me”. The woman appeared somewhat friendly so I decided to reply. “Hi”! I could feel myself gloating through my very gloating skin.

“Is that my perfume you are wearing”? she seemed rather irritated. “Well” I found myself replying when I just wanted to shove her away and tell her its MINE! “yes it is” I could feel my face, it was starting to glow with smiles  and I told it “no”! but it came out anyway and I said again to the woman with a very determined smirk. “Why,  yes it is, I’m sorry I shouldn’t have doused my entire body in it”! Oddly the woman didn’t say anything  and walked away but another woman sitting near us said ” Well I think the scent is not that great”, as if she was speaking for the owner of this delight. I than turned my head to her and asked ” How can anyone even come close to thinking such nonsense”??? I was dumbstruck and I’m sure my face said it all and the woman just snickered at me and turned her bar stool leaving only her back to speak too.

I too than turned my swivel chair and found myself realizing “ohhhhh”! It all makes sense now”! I was there to learn something very important. I still could not wipe off the happy grin from my face I was delved in  pure perfume essence. I woke up with a smile on my face, a lesson in my mind and that sweet smell I could not have ever thought up but I managed to dream up.

This dream shows many things, starting with the abundance and vividness. it is a symbol of how “rich” I can be within myself. It is very rare to have a sharp mind in dreams, because our minds get lost in what the subconscious has spent years working on for us, in other words details remain hidden in our dreams unless we make an effort to work through them. The subconscious is our best and worst friend because we operate on it on a daily basis without even knowing so, it is a sponge sorta speak that will soak up anything that is around us. It is the working mind behind the human brain. It captures everything we do not realize in waking hours. It is the very core within us that beckons us on when we don’t know how to, but we always move forth with the sense that “I am I, and I will be me to me”. To experience such scents in our dreams is a sign of a growing awareness, one that can “smell” things coming including the best of bull crap. It is a sign of growing but also forfeiting some of that knowledge we are not yet ready for. In my dream I was completely appeased by the beauty and awe of things, usually depicting that things are never what they seem  but this  was not shown here and the fragrance was and will always  will be something I can never quite put my senses on, except that once you began working with your dreams and subconscious the rest leads the way…


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