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#4 The Emperor- The Spiritual Father, featuring my brother:)


The Emperor- Mythic Tarot

“The father is the representative of the spirit, whose function is to oppose pure instinct” – C. J Jung

We are ready to enter the next chapter of our growth path here in the major arcana tarot, The Emperor. Unlike The Empress who embodies the physical mother The Emperor embodies the spiritual father. The fool has met his mother and learned of his own role to creating beauty, comfort and love now it’s time for him to meet a new challenge in himself and set forth to unfold his unique way to establish himself to not only himself but the world as well. He has a scroll in one hand and the world in the other, they both are a symbol of his knowledge and and wisdom and how he creates it out in the “world”.

The Emperor represents the spiritual father because he instills our morals and values and confidence to take these tools and use them to build our foundations in life this includes our relationships business and personal and also to use them in the material world in order to survive we must learn a survival method, this is what The Emperor (father) has to teach us.


My mom and my brother celebrating his law school graduation.

Forgive me I am adding my personal experience to this blog post because I feel it is highly crucial in order to show you how The Emperor has effected my life and may help you understand his path much more.

This picture used to break my heart in half all over again every time I would see it, but It has been five years. It was April the month of new beginning’s the month of my birthday as well, the month my brother became a lawyer,  the month my mom passed away from cancer. I never had a father not one that would be happy to spend time with me or help me figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up, but my mom did. She was the only reliance we had growing up, with no Emperor present, she had  to become him and show us we can be anything we wanted to be, but we must work hard for it. This picture salutes my mom in many ways to raise four children and  instill The Emperor takes skill and love.and discipline. She had all these things all through our upbringing, because she had to be the Empress and The Emperor both. I think she did a excellent job because even though I wanted to attend school this woman would  push for me to work and create work ethics. And that is exactly what happened. She would say “You need to get out there an work! ”  I was also writing a lot and she encouraged that as well and anything I would seek to go after she would encourage. It wasn’t till my latter years I realized her male and female roles and how they impacted my life. My point here is anyone can be both, and to play both titles takes a role that really defines a balanced human heart, which is in all of us.


My brother and his daughter Melissa.

Father and daughter , this brings me to my next point that I encountered  of The Emperor, my brother. When you do not have a dad you usually cling to the nearest one who has all the qualities you look for in a father. Well years older than my twin sister and I,  he did a great job of someone who has all the initial pieces of The Emperor. by making sure we had goals lined up even at the age of ten! He left when we were very young to go join the military (marines) but he did it because he had to go out there and establish himself to himself, this is exactly what The Emperor represents.I don’t find it ironic that he became a lawyer after. The Emperor is a man of pride and passion to build his own domain, no one can tell him how its going to be because he already has it established within himself and his determination is much more prominent than scattering his forces.


My brother and his son celebrating his son’s wedding.

Like Father like son,  this picture depicts a great image of The  Emperor by bonding in our relationships and bringing that influence to the outside world.The Emperor again stands for studious confident behaviors.I think every man and woman challenges or should challenge themselves to be there own Emperor. Establishment is just a status, however it is also what we came here to do, recognize the things we are great at and put them to the test, enabling us to learn who we really are and what we wish to represent to others. The Emperor is a man of power and authority he represents respect, responsibility and recognition for his unique ability to govern others in the right direction.This is probably one of the most ambitious cards in the tarot deck. It is the spiritual father in all of us that pushes us forward to keep trying and the knowledge and wisdom we have within us to strive to be whomever we choose.

My brother and his wife becoming lawyers.

My brother and his wife becoming lawyers.



My brother Mark Crum.

Without The Emperor we would never know what it means to work hard to see results, we would never see our morals and values put to a test that just may excel us to discovering what we just might be very good at. It is The Emperor who teaches us how to believe in ourselves and to trust our ability to make anything achievable and to love and witness ourselves working hard for the things that may not bring us great prosperity, but in turn will bring us great integrity.

The fool is now ready to embrace his forth path in life where he is challenged to challenge himself as the world demands him to be a certain way, he will surely see just what it takes to create his world according to his own morals and values. Will the world be ready to accept what he has to offer? This is a lesson we all must face in life at one point or another. It is one of the most important paths we will ever set foot on because it defines us out into the material world what we choose to be seen as is just as important as choosing something to stand for and even against. It is about principals and keeping to them no matter what life hands us.

543315_690113215704_770228893_nI never had a dad but I am honored and grateful for my brother because he  rose above the negatives  in life and stepped up to become exactly who he was meant to always  be The Emperor.:)

Good traits of  The Emperor  Instilling morals, values the things that make us apart and relative.  The man who walks on his own, A Father figure using discipline in a creative productive way, “When I try to make things work things work for me and you”.  Order control and power, those that use life’s tools to create what they seek,  men of authority, the upper classes, responsibility, stability, someone who engages in themselves for the better purpose of man.A Father, husband, brother. A land owner, someone who appreciates not depreciates.  those who are direct and forceful, following logic, reason and rational rather than what the heart delegates. A helping man, a person of power, self control, achievement, Mind over matter, A ruler, dictator, a person of wealth and power, the legal system,  a great organizer that can build things easily with such skills, structure, Defiance, order, The walls that make up society, a man of honor and integrity,  political leaders, a mentor.

Bad Traits-  A man whom questions himself and others,  the man that sits with comfort to himself but realizes he is the one that can not change what he has done,A empty pocket with no desire to refill it, “I helped bring the walls up, so why aren’t they built”? I’m gonna do what I choose to do regardless of you”. “I”m the one in power don’t reject me”!, abuse of power in all ways, the man that shuns his best intentions is a man of bad intent. A man that takes no responsibility for his actions and lands in a ditch, ” I can’t see the good in what I’m doing here”. Abandoning yourself, trusting only past logic’s, ” I really wish I would have done that instead of this”.” I am not a father , but a child.”, an immature man. an important rival, those that use greed to climb up the ladder of power.

The Emperor as people and things good-those that keep going no matter if life cuts them off, The men that make up for the masses, fathers, son’s, brother’s, following your inner strengths, Military men, those that appease weakness as a strength, fighting for your rights, lawyers,  defiant men, King Arther, Judges, the city council, colleges,establishments of all kinds- schools,mass companies, your own business.  , the government., schools,

 #4 t=/the emperor-also the emperor, is about relocations, a happy family, finding a great job you can invest in, both time and hard work., ready to move on, finding yourself and developing yourself to your hard work and building  from that which those traits.you have neglected..


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