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The #3 The Empress

wpid-img2334-1.jpgThe fool is ready to meet his next task in life with the #3 card of the major arcana The Empress. With this card he will now meet his motherly nature within himself and what it’s like to share emotion and creation in all physical forms.

We rely on our mothers  for  many things, comfort, love, nurture. this is our next journey as the fool meets his mother. The Empress stands for all that we create here and have love and passion towards, that can be down to anything we choose even food, relationships takes the example of The empress.

She reminds us that life can be glorious even in the darkest of times by appreciating the simple things in life, clothes on our back food on our tables and love of those that surround us.  She is wise and comforting and usually someone who  values nature and the simplistic beauty in all things.

The fool is now ready to invest in himself in a  very derived yet diplomatic way, from his mother. He is able to take his thoughts and feelings and put them to a physical use.

wpid-img2335-1.jpgThis card also stands for earthly pleasures (mother earth) not just motherhood from our own mother’s. but the fruitfulness we sow from working hard in order to materialize what we wish to create. In this card we meet the female perspective of creation. The things of life we put creative love towards that will eventually reap the rewards of success and abundance.

When this is card is drawn It  can often mean childbirth (pregnancy) or the creation of something we put much time and effort towards. It is also about enjoying the finer things in life and all that it has to offer.

wpid-img2332.jpgAbundance can come in many forms, whether they be big or small. It is the very beauty of creation and acceptance of the simplest “things” of life that can keep us going everyday and to remember that at one time you were in awe of all the beauty of all that surrounded you. As we go through life these things tend to become just that “things” that we overlook having to pay attention to how we are going to survive in our lives rather than appreciating it all,  for every thing is a form of creation.

“On a inner level, the image of The Empress reflects the experience of mothering. This does not mean only the physical gestation process, birth and nurturing of a child. It is also the experience of the great mother, the discovery of the body as something valuable and precious, which merits care, the experience of being a part of nature and rooted in natural life”. ” The appreciation of the senses and the simple pleasures of daily existence”.- Mythic Tarot

One thing I discovered with this card as it can mean a literal doorway/passage from one stage to the next.  Years ago when I was taking a Tarot study class I became close to my teacher, anyway I fell asleep one day on my couch and had a out of body experience where I knew my body was sleeping and I walked over to my kitchen table which had all my tarot cards lye before me. One card stuck out and it was the Empress, but instead of the usual title on the card on top of it said “doorway”.

I thought it was one of the coolest things but I did not get it at all then and I told my tarot teacher of this finding and she said “yep, sure it can mean a doorway”. “it is after all a very high creation card”.

I was still in shock of my discovery because than I was starting out to really take Tarot front and center. Now I realize just how it does example a doorway…I just thought at the time other cards would show up more as a doorway, but the kicker is not long after I had that experience my life changed on a entirely new abundant level. Pretty neat aint it:) This is why I stress about dreaming and getting to know them and astral projection because they both show you whats ahead, well for myself anyway.

key words good- prosperity,  A love for nature,Pregnancy, fine foods, having both love and money, creation, hard work that hands you direct results with rewards, beauty, healing, the earth, elegance, “I have all that I need and want to share it”, the queen of life, female creation and beauty, love, harmony, nature, animals, material comfort, a luscious garden, a beautiful home, physical love and marriage, female sexuality, gain, mother earth, creative projects in a feminine detail, the passage from one stage to another, self love and worth, bringing love onto others, “if you plant a seed it will grow over night”, Good fortune, “I may not have much but I have it all”,

key words bad- Mother issues,blocked creativity, disregarding opportunities, “I have no love or money in my life”. problems with pregnancy, depression, struggling to get ahead as a single mother, not realizing your truest potential, living a life in shame, “I can not offer anything of value to my children”. I use my kids as a outlet to define my own anger”. material discomfort, blocking love, not seeing the love around you, following material objects to create abundance, greed, sex without love, wasted energy, despair, not seeing the beauty within yourself or on the outside.marital problems, birth control, all things that cloud your mind of possible love and abundance.

key people good- your mom, values and morals from your mom or any females in your life, nurses, healers, a maternal nurturing woman, a  helpful woman, a woman of influence, a woman whom teaches love and prosperity, a pregnant woman, a woman that care takes of others, a woman who owns “things”, a woman of importance, woman of power and authority.

For men when asking of love this card shows up as the woman of his dreams.

key words people bad- those that take away what has been given to them, prostitutes, promiscuous folks, nonproductive people, those that take from some who has very little, those that are full of themselves,emotionally unstable people, woman that have sex and have abortions over and over. Icy people, those that can not see the beauty of life and it within themselves, Woman who use for their own gain and their kids, “I am a woman hear me roar”. “I feel its your fault I’m pregnant”.

Regardless of the above scenarios The Empress is about  being true to your heart no matter what and creating abundance how ever you really choose to.:)


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