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Are we sexually assaulted during the Hypnagogic states?

Hi there..I have been “leaving my body” for many years now and many times I’ve encountered sexual episodes however most of the time I would ” create” these myself out of pure desire for them..and they usually came on after a vivid lucid dream of sex. Honestly I think it triggers OBE’s because it is connected to our senses and of course our physical bodies. I deliberately create these scenes to sharpen my awareness. I don’t think many of the participants were “real”. However I have had a feeling of hands caressing my body in the hypnagogic state. So I think we encounter many sensations in this state that are supposed to help our “exiting” or gaming awareness process. This is only my theory because in the hypna states we are still attached to our physical bodies and also our subconscious seeps through quite often bringing images,sensations etc, because its very difficult to fully control the subconscious, it creates many things that just seem “real”. I can only speak of my own experience of course and this is what I realized over the years:-) hope to at least give more insight into your question. One more thing, I had to pretty much fight through my subconscious attachments to have more clarity and superb awareness in these states..and I think it is safe to say a lot of the things even people were creations of my subconscious mind. It took years to get through some of it even the darker things locked in my sub and the sexual aspect would show up often.


12 thoughts on “Are we sexually assaulted during the Hypnagogic states?

  1. I wouldn’t say we are sexually assaulted. We just have desires to work through. It is so we face what we repress in the waking hours. We do not accept our sexuality, but that does not make it go away. It just makes it unhealthy. So that what we could have viewed as a liberating sexual dream, becomes assault. The mind is powerful, and sometimes our repressed desires are so repressed that it will take any form to get our attention. Sometimes the form of a nightmare, but nightmares have their purpose.

    I am not sure that they are talking about entering an OBE, or sleep. Believe me, I have had issues with the ability to have sex with spirits for years. One would tempt me until I gave in. If I had really wanted it to go away, I could have forced it, but in the lingering between desire and self judgement left a gray area. It only got better once I embraced that there was a reason for this, the spirits had no power over me. They were just there to represent my repressed desires.

    When I decided to give up worrying about the morality of having sex with a spirit, and embrace it. Things got a lot better. Sure first I went a little too far. Like a kid who decided they can eat all the candy in the store. Yet, I wasn’t able to move past the point I was stuck in for years, until I faced the problem instead of judging myself up about it.

    I am sure there are others who have had this ability. In case this question was a gentle way of asking for advice on what to do. I thought I should answer. The best thing to do is face your Demons so you realize you are far more powerful. They are just there to challenge you into realizing your power.

    I recommend reading “Dark Side of the Shadow Chasers” too. They do not write on this topic, but are good for learning how to accept the parts of yourself you hide away.


    • Thank you for posting! I enjoy reading of other’s experiences and thoughts on such topics. I was actually wondering how others feel about this and was trying to help someone out as well. I also agree with you as we are challenged consistently in these states. Thanks for the follow and recommendation. 🙂

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  2. In my experience when the energy of the root charka is unblocked it is indeed easier to leave the body. Unblocking the root charka is done through adequate sexual activity.
    But what you’ve described I hope that an incubus is not taking advantage of you. Feelings of being caressed, feeling sensations and vivid lucid dreams of a sexual experience and climaxing or having an orgasm as a result. The incubus is exploiting a desire, and in some cases they assist in creating the images and sexual subjective experience.
    Also be aware that outside the body if you have a sexual encounter a being or spirit/person who is engaging in the sexual experience with you, odds are it may also be an incubus.
    One way to ward off an incubus is to have adequate and healthy sexual relations in your life. It will fulfill your sexual desire and keep the root charka unblocked. An incubus cannot exploit you if you are not sexual repressed. The more satisfying sexual activity one engages it in the less likely they’ll be targeted by an incubus.
    I recommend that you make no agreements with any spirits use your free will and express that you do not want to engage in any type of sexual activity, tell them to leave you alone. In you physical life make sure you have healthy sexual relations with someone who you like.

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    • Hi there George:) thanks for the follow and the advice, however my opinion on this subject varies on many levels. This post was to clear up a question for someone who was looking for more answers in one of my google+ groups and also get some thoughts on this subject as well, because after all it is a very intimate and can be a very delicate topic. What I am interested in , is how you arrived to the possibility of this being a incubus? I am very interested in “how” folks get to their own personal opinions on such topics. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!, if you decide not to elaborate that’s okay too, take care George, 🙂


      • It was a journey before I became aware of spirit intrusion. I had the experience of being intruded on by a succubus (the female version of an incubus) when I did not know of such things. When I became aware and looking into such matters it lead to me discovering that the only spirit that crave sexual energy is the incubus/succubus. I have actually seen it in the form it appears to me. I have the will and the awareness to recognize what it is and tell it to go away without giving it the energy it came to steal. I consider them rapist. I found that having a sexual partner who you enjoy being with and satisfying sexual needs will not leave you open for an incubus/succubus visit.
        Now, think about it. In our physical life victims of rape have reported experiencing the most strongest orgasm they had in their life. Just because that happens it does not mean the person wanted to be raped. Just like the majority of people did not invite the incubus/succubus, yet enjoy it.
        Also, I found out that spirits are deceptive and on the lower plane will trick you into making agreements that will last for generations. Hench, I make no agreements with any spirit. I had the experience of being propositioned, but fortunate for me I developed the awareness not make any agreements or enter into any contract with a spirit. They may not represent who they say they represent.

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  3. hmm, I see, I gotcha…:) I met
    many times…, I want true examples ya know, also everyone is different here so we will all experience things differently ..Also what do you mean by “lower planes”?


  4. It is said that there are 7 planes in the astral, and on each plane there are sub-planes.The lowest is the physical plane where emotions, and body sensations drive beings to do what they do. The highest being the light. When we leave the body it is done through the vibrational state. Depending on the level of our vibrational state depends which level can be accessed. Spirits are drawn to a plane based on their level or lack of spiritual development. Also, people who passed from the physical will either ascend to the light or linger onto one of the planes. There are many reasons for it.

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    • Hi again there George, all this sounds good and golden but what I what I found is that zero exists in the other planes only our subconscious and all the things we make up of it. I have read and reached many heights without the books and found something very odd and amazingly the same that there are no limits and there are no laws and our bodies create these sensations because we are used to the physical realm, so we auto do this in order to “feel” as close to our bodies as we can, however these things take no real foundation in our journeys as what I’ve found in fact they take none but only to hold us back even more. I’m not an expert , never claimed to be but these things need to be taken in account regardless because after all we are just a bigger nuclei deriving in another cell(body).


    • I will say this though, I have done enough research down to the very first obe documented and the man saw the other side as pure knowledge, I can’t recall his name but he said you eat with knowledge on the other side and that everyone can change forms and are “trying” to get to the main source, (God) I did find a few connections in my research that does address that we are in fact seeking the greater/greatest power. I must be truly honest here though that I really find that yourself, you will find it no matter what lifestyle you live here, because some folks simply just want to live and enjoy life in the simple of forms, those that just want to enjoy life have the same direction we all do.I believe that. I want to add that not all of us experience the vibrational rate and honestly the more I learned over the years and my own experience the less it really truly exists. The reason I say this is because that is just another form of hanging onto the physical when really its all an illusion even our bodies and vibrational rates. Again I can not formulate yet what I mean because I am writing a book about it, just have faith I know what I’m doing here and always heave since I was a kid. I am stronger now than ever it seems and I can leave my body on a daily basis, but it took years and years to learn and still I am perfecting it. I will say one thing that everyone has it all wrong, because we are multidimensional beings operating in many “times” as well as this life. The logic I come up with is we really aren’t anywhere, but everywhere.


      • Yep, what you say is true.. But what you say are modern revelations. What others say about hierarchy or various vibrational planes is also true. However, I see that as the old way of telling the story. It is mostly the way conventional religions tell the story – hierarchies, levels, dark and light, duality.

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