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p#2 The High Priestess-The Unknown and Known

wpid-img2318.jpg Here we have The High Priestess, the second path. After the Fool meet’s the Magician and meeting his own responsive thoughts, he now can move to the next level that becomes his feelings.

In this card I have always seen a woman sitting in between two worlds. One is her reality that is above her, (outer) the other is below her, (within). Within this card the fool meets his next lesson in life and that is not only his feelings but his ability to understand them with correlation to his thoughts. I see this card often as a teenager beginning to see that there is more to things than what they have seen prior with the magician as well as learning the unseen side of life and reality. This is where the fool meets his own depths of himself through dreams, intuition, and his emotions. He begins to realize there is much more here than just what he “Thinks”.

This card also has two lessons here as well…For it stands for the number two for a reason, two paths, two sides we all must learn the light and the dark, just like the pillars are on either side of the woman in the card above. The dark and Light we all carry around with us. So we meet our other sides for the first time in our journey, we meet our inner selves on an entirely new level of ourselves with different needs and wants. Which once we start to develop this newness we are very vulnerable as well because we have yet to build this new realization up yet onto reality. We are after all just starting out and learning “ourselves” at the number two stage in our lives.


Understanding our emotions comes to play here and how to understand them of others. Often this card is said to be ruled by the moon and the female archetype because it represents the female side in all of us as well. The High Priestess is in all of us for it truly stands for the mystery and secrets of life and the very depths of oneself. It is the wisdom and both the secrets of the universe. When this card is drawn to us we are called upon to look closer to our dreams, intuition and our feelings more and also try to create a balance of both dark and light within ourselves. It is the unseen in this card that reminds us, ” It is the very things we do not see here, but never the less exist that keep the rhythm of all going”. It is the instincts and gut feelings that we learn to follow and trust as well as our emotions.


This card shows us all the darker parts of life, the unseen, the unknown, the very depths of ourselves we do not understand, just as the depths of our earths ocean, we continue to “feel” our way through this life. The fool can now be joined with thought and emotion and he is now ready to move forward to the next phase of his journey.

The high priestess warns us of possible untruths around us, as well as cheating ourselves from what we truly need to nourish ourselves. She is the intuitive mother that knows what we need on a subconscious level and therefore tries to give us those things we secretly seek.

key words good and bad- following your instincts, learning from your dreams,reflection, meditation, The journey within, mystery, The unknown, Access to hidden knowledge, “knowing” what is right, facing the dark side of ourselves, Hidden talents, “what lay beneath”. The universe in all of us, love without sex, deep understanding, seeing oneself on inner levels, trusting oneself, trusting others, understanding our emotions and learning to show them, hidden knowledge needs to see the light of day, listening to your inner voice, following your self always, being in dreaming, learning from your heart and emotions, not seeing nor learning from your inner most self, melancholy, the subconscious, the unconscious, female vitality, not listening to yourself, ignoring your emotions and treading on thoughts only, getting lost within yourself and ignoring the feelings of others, shallowness, superficiality, not trusting yourself or where you are being led, Hidden enemies, dishonesty, those that avoid truth, feeling who you really “are”. understanding the universe on a inner level, “love is the all encompassing, I follow my own compass”!, Listening without speaking, discovering yourself on other levels, falling in love with yourself over and over again through self understanding, “When I believe in myself so does everyone and everything else”.

people both good and bad-Sensitive people, those that “know” themselves on many levels, counselors, adepts, initiates, those who understand the situation inquired about, female energy, psychics, divination, those that know their dreams and beyond them, idealized lovers, those that balance both light and dark, and the male and female within them. secretive people especially woman, those that operate from the dark, someone keeping a secret, prayers, a cruel female, your subconscious is trying to tell you something but you are unwilling to listen, highly sensitive folk’s, those that operate from their feelings rather than thoughts, psychologists, those that understand themselves and can help others learn the same, the mentally ill, self destructive individuals, saying yes to your strong sexual desires when you mean no, the inner has more rational than the outer, the black and white, “things just don’t seem right”. Luke Skywalker, The virgin mary, the man that can cry and not be ashamed to do so.

“We are deeper than the surface”.


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