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#1 The Magician

wpid-img2271-1.jpgWe meet the next phase of the fool’s journey, The Magician. The fool was blind with only his animal sense of meanings to be found somewhere somehow, now it is time to meet himself and become aware of his true self potential.

I look at this card often as being a young age in our life’s journey, because after the stage of the fool when we are born, we meet this stage next. It is when we start to develop ourselves with our own personal thoughts and learn responsibility from our actions and thoughts.As we get older we mold and shape our unique thoughts and personalities that will lead to things we will experience in our lives.

#1= ourselves, it just makes sense that this card is all about learning yourself and discovering everything that make’s you, you.

This card has many layers of course just as we do, I see many things come out of this card not only in readings but in everyday life, because it is also about learning. We are constantly growing and learning new things and the magician offers that meaning often.Whether we are thinking about going back to school or even just learning a new skill this card will present itself.The magician stands for our capabilities and true potential even if we may not know what we want to do at the time as far as career and which path to take. It is a sure sign we have everything within us to make changes happen for the magician has all the tools needed to make anything happen.

wpid-img2272-1.jpgI don’t usually add my personal experiences to these Tarot card posts, but I have to say that I literally just went to add media to add another picture of the magician and this card was on there! The crazy thing is I literally just adopted a cat that looks exactly like this one:) and I got goose bumps and the chills and an overwhelming feeling (good) in my gut. Which brings me to my next point about this card. It is all about manifestations and bringing what we truly need as well as desire into our lives.

If you look at this picture, the kitty cat has a wand that symbolizes the magic we all carry within us to make our deepest desires happen. This cat also has wings 🙂 which represents our ability to use thought to cut through the illusions that block us from seeing the truth and setting us free to create our physical life. If you look closely you will see a dream catcher hanging in the background, this is actually acting as a filter, to filter all the things we no longer need in ourselves and our lives, the things we have outgrown, even our dreams and desires that change over the years. The books and the globe represent what we do manage to manifest in the physical and in  a tangible way. It is our jobs, our homes, our cars, the people we attract and the very life we lead. It is our thoughts that set us free after all. This card really is an excellent sign you are doing exactly what your supposed to be doing, even if you have doubts or second thoughts about where you are in life. It is a symbol that you are exactly where you need to be and things will soon surface and you will feel like a magician of your own life! Because we are our own creators in many ways, we really do shape and mold the world around us. All you have to do is look around you and look to your past to see patterns of how things came to be. It really is true that “life is a journey to yourself”-Ronni


Remember we are only at the beginning of our learning process, This is only the next cycle of our journey, it is the first  #1.  This card reminds us of our purpose, even if it is one we let go of. It tells us to keep going through, both good or bad. We have the power.”Answers are within, always have been”-Ronni

I see this card also as meeting her ideal mate for a woman whom asks about potential love in her life.:)

key words good-Learning yourself,ability to achieve your goals,new skills, self awareness, self confidence,knowing yourself,developing yourself, bettering yourself, transformation through will power,using your resources to your advantage,creativity, self determination,MASTERING A SKILL,knowing your limits,following you and only you,going to college,Self knowledge, focused energy, creative visualization, creative power,trial and error, adaption to change, dexterity,being in the limelight, making use of equipment, inventive abilities,trusting in your projects to have a lasting value, the promise to ones self and keeping it,the man in the mirror is the man I am and will be.

people- those that do what they say, creative persons, musicians,comics,writers,engineers, inventors, those that manipulate the physical world, teachers, artists, scientists, those that know themselves on many levels and make things happen.

key words bad and peopleindecision,selfishness,the world is mine get off my ride,  caught up in uselessness, MY EGO IS BIGGER THAN ME  and you,  SO LOOK OUT, The one who talks too much of himself, Self doubt, WASTED TALENTS AND SKILLS, Letting others toss a ladder to bring them “up”. blinding oneself from the truth, THE MIGHTY EGO IS ALL I HAVE. manipulators, those that seek sex not love, I AM ME HERE ME ROAR, wasted energies on people and things that no longer server our growth, Impostures, those who manipulate appearances in order to gain what they want, Tricksters, those that want only to provide for themselves, self proclaimed geniuses, screw ups, the person that lies to you and themselves, FORGET YOU I’M BETTER THAN YOU IF YOU DON’T FEED MY FUEL! I am better off alone…….

– Ronni Windhorst


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